Tips on Black & White Photography

Photography, what an amazing word it is to describe a passion, to describe a person, to express feeling, and of course to capture the best moments in life. Photography has infinite categories, ranging from aerial to landscape, artistic to animals, commercial to a documentary, and the list goes. Here, we shall talk about one of the best known yet a bit tricky, form of photography, and that is Black & White photography.

Black & White photography is one of the most interesting and inspiring aspects of the art of photography, that we call it as a hobby and passion. This kind of photography is raw, natural, unusual, emotional, bold and mysterious.

Here are some tips and tricks for all the photography enthusiasts on Black & White photography.

    Contrast- Black & White photography is about the black, the white and all the other tones in between. As a black & white photographer, the main objective is to highlight your main subject with the shades of gray. By using contrast, show your subject and make the viewers see what’s important and what’s not.

    Capture the subject in color-Even if there are options to capture a picture using black & white, it is recommended not to go for that option. The captured black & white picture is actually captured in color where the camera settings convert it. Well, software’s can do a lot better editing job than that.

    Use of color filters-Using color filters enhances the black & white picture to the deepest way possible. The use of color filters changes the captured-tones in the photography, which helps in making the subject more relative to its original nature.

    The Texture-a texture is a regular or irregular pattern of shadows and highlights at different intensities. Black & white photography contribute them to textured patterns, making it the most subtle capture.