What Are The Wedding Photography Styles Available Today In The Market?

Wedding photography is not just about standing and posing in a single setup. As a photographer, it is more about exploring your artistic freedom. There are several specific styles of wedding photography that are practised today. To develop a style of your own, it is essential to understand the nuances of each of the methods. On an average one can say, there are about ten different styles of wedding photography. Details of some of them are given below;

Traditional Wedding Photography: This is one of the oldest styles reflecting a very poised and classic look. Mostly includes group shots with family and friends. The method of photography is not very commonly used today. However, it is one of the best ways to click your family and friends together. The style requires the photographer to guide the couple in posing for the clicks.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography: This is a mix of the candid and traditional style of photography. Professionals following the form are following a reportage and documentary shooting style. The idea is to document a story and not just take stills. A lot of creativity and skill goes into this style of photography. This style of photography is also referred to as wedding photojournalism.

Illustrative Wedding Photography: This style of photography is generally used for the prenuptial photo sessions. The shots are often taken in outdoors in a picturesque environment. It mostly involves candid shots and is a perfect blend of traditional and photojournalistic wedding photography.

Portrait Wedding Photography: The style yields some of the most beautiful images of the couple on the wedding day. The subject is required to pose for the camera as directed. These pictures are mostly the ones that the couple use for framing and displaying after marriage.

Black and White Wedding Photography: Another popular style to capture classic and timeless images. Some people prefer black and white pictures in comparison to the coloured ones. The reason is attributed to the fact that black and white enhances the mood of the image. Referred to as monochrome imagery the style yields some of the magnificent photos. This style of photography can be of benefit when there are difficult lighting conditions.

Natural Wedding Photography: The style of photography involves images being shot in the natural light. This is an ideal choice of photography for outdoor weddings. However, this is one of the most challenging styles as the photographer needs to be a pro in handling lights and shadows.

Whatever styles you may choose to ensure that the artistic freedom of the photographer is not compromised, else it kills the essence and emotions in the pictures.